Fundraising Tips for Your Favorite Charity

During an economic down turn fundraising can be particularly important, many organization count on sponsorship from small businesses and golf tournament fund raising donations from individuals. Unfortunately when times get tough, giving tightens as well. Some families have already been hit with less income or decreasing business, for others they are seeing others struggle and tighten their belt a notch to make sure they don’t run into the same difficulties.

This comes at a time that people are not participating in extras. During an economic down turn many organizations see lower turn out. Many times though turn out decreases, expenses stay the same or even increase. This is a time when many youth organizations turn to fundraising for the first time or need to redouble their efforts to raise even more funds, but they don’t know what you are about to learn.

Let me ask you a question. When you are having trouble making ends meet, do you go out to eat more or less often? When money is tight, do you spend money on extras? Do you go to the movies, bowling, or golfing as often? When you go to the grocery store to you buy the cheap toilet paper or the soft cushy stuff? And while you are there do you make a bee-line for the scented candles and grab a handful of candy while in the checkout line. If you are like most people we all like the little extras, but we know those costs add up so we go without.

When the family budget has a pair of vise-grips squeezing the life out of it, people will not spend money on the extras. But they will spend money on items that have a great value. In an effort to keep the same buying power coupon and discount use increases, Coupons and discounts have GREAT value, they cost nothing and they save you money.

How do you think your fundraiser would go if you are selling something that most people consider extra like candy or candles, the results will probably not be that great. So what will people spend money on when things are tight? Fundraising discount cards work, the consumer would spend $10 for a card because they will save $100’s. Fundraising discount cards work like coupons, they allow people to enjoy some of the things they like without spending as much, Fundraising discount cards offer discounts like buy one get one free offers. Think you can continue to have family pizza night a little longer if it costs half as much?

How about entertainment? Or an oil change for your car? Or flowers or discounts on golf or bowling. You may not be able to go out to eat every week, but if you could save 20% on your local restaurant maybe you could swing eating out twice a month. Oh yah and how can you live without that occasional fast food treat! Well thanks to the fundraising discount cards, your favorite burger, sandwich, or sub won’t break the bank.

The best part is because business is a little slower for many stores, they are more willing to participate and offer even greater discounts to keep the customers walking through the doors. So instead of giving a 10 or 15% discount merchants are willing to give 15 to 20%. Since there is no cost for the merchant to place an offer on the card they have nothing to lose, but a lot to gain. They gain customer loyalty, a greater standing in the community and much needed customers walking through the door. Fundraising discount cards really are a win win situation, even in a down turned economy!